Upcoming Music in Worship

If You would like to learn the songs that our church sings, then we have developed a YouTube page to aid You in that process. Just go to: http://www.YouTube.com/ShallowaterUMC, and You can listen to all of the hymns and contemporary songs that our church includes in its repertoire and uses regularly.

When You arrive at the page, a Video Of Week (VOW) will play, and this is just a video for that week. However, to the right of the video that automatically begins to play (on the right-hand side of the page) will be a list of “Playlists.” The top playlist will always be the music for the next upcoming Sunday, if You would like to use it to prepare to participate in the music more fully that particular week. The other playlists are:

1) Contemporary Worship Songs (a list of the contemporary worship songs in our church repertoire that we use regularly)
2) Hymns (a list of the hymns in our church repertoire that we use regularly)
3) Specials (From Past Services) (a list of various types songs that we have used in the past to reinforce/support/illustrate themes in Pastor Dustin’s sermons)
4) Contemporary Worship Favorites (a list of contemporary worship songs that are mshane’s favorites and which he regularly uses to facilitate worship in varying environments)
5) mshane’s Pick: Video Of Week (VOW) (a list of various types of songs meant to inspire, encourage, and touch You)
6) Sermons (a list of sermons…we are hoping to have Pastor Dustin’s sermons up soon, but there is one sermon in the list now that will Bless You)

When You click on one of these playlists, it will display all the songs in that list. You may then play any particular song by clicking on it (they are arranged in alphabetical order in most of the lists), or You can create Your own personal listening list by clicking on the “+” sign that will appear when You move Your cursor over the picture of the song. When You click on the first song in any of the lists, Your computer should automatically play through that entire playlist in order.

Hopefully, this resource will Bless You. Know that our desire is to equip You to sing more earnestly to our God, and please contact mshane kuhn at mshanekuhn@onyxstonecompany.com if You have any questions, frustrations, or suggestions for how to make this resource more helpful.