Oct/Nov From the Pastor

The Holy Spirit is on the move at Shallowater United Methodist Church!!!! Praise God and keep your head up and your eyes open because you won’t want to miss any of the many blessings He is bringing to our Church.
The excitement at worship is obvious. God’s people here are overflowing with optimism and are hungry to touch our neighbors in new, exciting and meaningful ways.
Centershot has hit the bullseye. I am thankful for everyone who followed the prompting of the Spirit to launch this program again. Even though we are shooting arrows in the Fellow-ship Hall, this program will be the catalyst that will shoot all of us out into the world to reach beyond the doors of the Church to the mission field God has designated just for us.
Keep your head up and your eyes open because much more excitement is on the way. In fact, groundwork is already being laid for a phenomenal VBS this summer. No doubt this will be the largest and most impactful VBS in recent memory.
Keep your head up and your eyes open because God is beginning to reveal to us our new mission field, where we are being called as a Church.
This process will take some work on our part including intentional prayer, dedicated dis-cernment and a great deal of openness to allow the Spirit to lead us to places we have never dreamed of going. Don’t be surprised if we are asked to do a little walking on the water during this process as well.
I ask that each of you set aside intentional time to pray that the mission field for our Church be revealed. I ask that over the next two months you pray daily that we become ready to see beyond our congregation, and that God’s vision of the mission field for us be-comes clear.
As we talked about in worship recently, I encourage you to look beyond the obvious needs of our community which are best met with charity, and rather strive to identify where we as the hands and feet of Christ can bring the nature of God into lives starving for His grace and His love. Remember, it’s not about spotting needs, it’s about conveying the nature of God so He may be revealed not just in us but through us to everyone.
Brothers and Sisters, I keep my head up and my eyes open when I am with you because God has never created a more loving and caring family of believers, and I don’t want to miss a moment of our time together. I love each of you deeply and finally encourage you to keep your head up and eyes open because He has truly blessed Shallowater UMC beyond measure, and I am truly blessed to walk with you on this exciting journey.
With head up and eyes wide open,

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