May from the Pastor

A look outside reveals the beautiful work of God’s hand once again as we get to enjoy the green grass, the lovely flowers and the fresh allergens in the air (that last one is not so enjoyable I suppose but it is the season for it). It’s Spring once again and we should give thanks, yes even for the pollen.
But the truth we know as well as that just as Spring has come, Summer is right around the corner, then Fall and Winter afterwards. The grass today will wither in several more months, the flowers will drop and we will have to wait to see them again. That is how seasons work and we expect it.
In Isaiah this is confirmed as God says: “The grass withers, the flower fades, when the breath of the LORD blows upon it Isaiah 40:7.” It is temporary and fleeting, but: “the word of our God will stand for ever Isaiah 40:8.” There are two kinds of seed that can be sown – the normal perishable seed that is a blessing to us, but is temporary; and the imperishable seed that is God’s word in us.
Like the grass and flowers we are around for a season, but if God’s word is firmly planted in you, then you have eternal life already growing inside of you. We do this by reading and meditating on God’s Word and most importantly we do this by placing ourselves wholly in the arms of the Living Word Jesus the Christ.
May God’s imperishable Living and active Word be planted firmly in our hearts, that we might bear flowers and fruit that last – that the world might know that there is something different about us, we who live in the eternal Spring of God’s Holy Living Word. Amen.
First United Methodist Church May

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