June July from the Pastor

It is time once again for Summer. The kids are out of school,
before long it will be fireworks and cookouts. Family trips, hot
weather, and all the other fun are great. But part of the joy of
Summer is in just a few weeks – Father’s Day.
I never really got Father’s Day even after becoming a father. It
was nice but another day to get ties or go eat a special meal was not
that significant to me.
It wasn’t until I was in Israel that it really hit me. My children
9 hours away by plane struggling to be awake to catch daddy to tell
me happy Father’s Day before it was bed time back in the states. I
didn’t miss what they would give me. Steak, ties and tools are great
but that was not what made me weep that Father’s Day. I wanted
The same is true of our Heavenly Father. There are many things
we can do or say that honor Him and we should. But the thing the
Father wants most of all is not what you can bring Him. What he
wants is YOU! God’s deepest desire from the creation of Man until now
is relationship with His beloved children.
So this Father’s day give dad the steak, ties, and tools, but give
him what he really needs – time with you. And in an even greater
way spend time with your Heavenly Father. He Loves you more than
you know.
Pastor Nick

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