January from the Pastor

At the close of one year and the beginning of the next it is pretty nor-mal to look back at all that has happened and then to make plans for what we want next year to look like. For most people, this is the reason they make New Years resolutions. Some may try to lose weight, smoke less, sleep more or something else along those lines. Far too often we fail to live up to our lofty goals and many give up on them within the first days of the new year.
But what if we looked at it differently – not in terms of personal goals but of kingdom goals. Ask yourself this question: “Where has God given me victory this year?” Has God gotten you through pain, loss, dis-ease, fear, or failure in this last year? And I don’t necessarily mean big big wins like bringing lots of people to Christ, small wins are bigger than we realize. Have you been afraid to share your faith with others and God ena-bled you to overcome it? Have you had moments (and you may or may not know if this has happened) where someone who didn’t know God learned about him through your words and actions?
These and countless other Kingdom goals are worthy of reflecting on. People fail at resolutions because they are attempting to change behav-ior without changing their heart. Reflecting with gratitude on the wins God has given you spiritually can have the amazing effect on us of chang-ing us on the inside. We realize what powerful things God can do and it motivates us to look for where God wants to bless us in the next year.
I encourage each of us NOT to make any new years resolutions based on our behavior or will power. Instead let us ask God what victories He wants to give us in the coming year to build up His kingdom through us.
May this coming year be a blessing to you and may the Lord fill your life with little and big victories in His Name.
Pastor Nick

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