Devotional May 8, 2012

Romans 5:1 Therefore having been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ,


A few weeks ago I went to a leadership conference in Florida.  They asked one questiona few times and it really stuck in my mind.  It was, “Is Jesus Enough?”  For pastors, especially me, I tend to base my spiritual worth in things of the church like how many people were in church, how much people gave, where there any returning guests…etc…  If attendance/giving/guests are down then truthfully sometimes I get down too.

While church attendance may not be an emotional factor for you, many things in this world are: our job, finances, family, house, car, etc… We allow them all to dictate our attitudes and outlook on life.  At least I know I do…

However Paul is telling the church in Rome that since we have been justified through our faith in Jesus that we should be at peace with God.  If we are at peace with God then we should be at peace with the rest of the world right???

So today I want to ask you: Is Jesus Enough? Or do you have something or someone else in your life from whom you seem to seek your value?

Is Jesus enough for you?   I pray He is!

I hope to see you Sunday for Mother’s Day!!!

Grace and Peace,


Dustin McEwen


Shallowater United Methodist Church

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