August from the Pastor

Several years ago, I heard a story about an office building where people on the top floor noticed a small crack in the wall. Of course, the CEO called an engineer to assess the problem. All morning the CEO waited for him to arrive, and after lunch when he was tired of patiently waiting. He called the phone number for the engineer who was in the building’s basement as it turns out and told him he has a real problem on the top floor so he better get up there. The engineer responded to him that the buildings foundations were broken and while the top floor noticed a small crack the real problem was its foundation.
How often that is true in the world we live in as well. We notice all the surface problems, but miss the fact that without good founda-tions, those problems were inevitable. Jesus even talks about being sure to build our house on the rock instead of sinking sand. This is why one of my favorite Hymns is “The Church’s One Foundation” on page 545 of the Hymnal.
For Israel and for the rest of the Bible the most foundational sto-ry is the Exodus. It is the story Jews remember yearly at Passover, but it is so much more. It is foundational for understanding the way God saves His people. From the blood of the lamb causing death to Passo-ver God’s people to the gathering and subsequent destruction of God’s enemies to save his people, this story begins in Exodus and echoes throughout scripture to its culmination in the Book of Revelation.
Starting this School year (August 30th) we will discover through our adult Bible Study once again the power of this story for all God’s people. I hope you will be able to join us as we delve deeper into this already beloved story and learn what God would say to us today through it.
Pastor Nick

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